‘Sharks war’ : Anton Gets

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The so-called ‘sharks war’ between deep sea fishermen and divers on the South Coast flared up again recently when a big shark, which was caught off the Protea Banks diving site, was dissected at the Sonny Evans Ski-boat harbour, and the head paraded around as a trophy.   This immediately caused deep sea divers to again react strongly against what they term as the ‘random butchering’ of sharks, which, they say, have become an endangered species worldwide.

On the one hand, the fishermen deny that they are deliberately targeting sharks and maintain the divers are over-reacting and blowing the issue up out of all proportions because of financial reasons.  On the other hand, the divers say it is not true.   They reason that it is not necessary to ‘wantonly butcher these magnificent animals’, and warn that if it should continue, not only will the numbers of sharks seriously diminish, but divers won’t come to the Protea Banks any more, and a big source of revenue for the whole of the South Coast, will be lost.  They point out that a significant number of foreigners with overseas currency to spend are regular visitors to our coast.   In this interview, Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Commodore Anton Gets states the case of the fishermen….and in another interview in the video category, diving charter operator Anton Mauz speaks on behalf of the divers.

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