Effect of Ezinqoleni/HCM merger – officials explain on video

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The Hibiscus Coast Municipality announced on Tuesday that the Municipal Demarcation Board had finally decided that the Ezinqoleni Municipality was to be amalgamated with the Hibiscus Coast Municipality into one area.   It pointed out that the HCM’s Executive Committee unanimously agreed on 23 August to support a Board resolution in this regard.  Municipal Manager Max Mbili was tasked to prepare a presentation on the possible implications to be considered by the next Exco meeting on 3 September.   ( Please see our earlier report elsewhere in the eHowzit South Coast local and municipal news division for details of an objection process that can be followed, if ratepayers wish to do so.)

At Tuesday’s briefing,  Municipal Manager Max Mbili and Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications of the HCM Simon Siboyisa were quizzed by eHowzit on the implications of this merger………

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