Port Shepstone Recovery Centre: a beacon of light for addicts, run by dedicated people

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The Port Shepstone Recovery Centre in Marburg was started about six months ago by dedicated people, amongst them rehabilitated addicts, local businessmen and other dedicated individuals.  Chairperson Anthony Gonzalves, a well known local businessman, has been the driving force behind the project, which has blossomed into a smoothly functioning, impressive service to the community.  He started the centre because of a family member’s previous addiction. It is a non-profit organisation, and does not charge for the admission of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. eHowz!t paid the centre a visit last week, and we were immensely impressed by the dedication of the individuals who are involved in the running of the centre, as well as its functionality, cleanliness and smooth organisation.  We interviewed centre PRO Muthu Murugan, who is passionate about the institution.   People who want to contribute financially, or help in any other way, can telephone the centre on 083-301-2886.  The banking details are:

Name: Port Shepstone Recovery Centre     Bank:  First National  A/C  ( current )  62437734967

NB: We are processing an interview with Centre Supervisor Nithia Nagian, an ex-Cape ‘Americans’ and ’26’ gangster, who spent 18 years in jail, has killed several people and been shot and wounded many times.  He has been ‘clean’ since 2010 after being heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol.   It is a fascinating interview.  Look out for it over the next two days.

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