Video interview with Dr. Peter Munns

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The division in the South Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry that has been simmering for some time, has now erupted into a public spat with two key role players representing the two warring factions,  making highly critical statements about the respective opposition groupings.

The leader of one of the factions is Dr. Peter Munns, who says that his group is the legitimate heir of the Chamber mantle. He is adamant that he is the President of the Chamber, and points out the name has been changed to the South Coast Business Chamber. He maintains the group that say they represent the original body, are illegitimate, and makes serious allegations against a previous president, Mr. Ivan Naidoo.  Dr. Munns says the “self-appointed interim committee” has no legal right to represent the Chamber.

Not so, says the spokesperson for the other faction, Rev. Lulamile Bodla, the acting president of what he calls “the original Chamber.”  The original group has labelled Dr. Munns as “an opportunist” who has hijacked the chamber for his own selfish reasons, and who has embarked on a personal vendetta against Mr. Naidoo.   He says the matter will be sorted out at the annual general meeting of the Chamber on 8 August.  Mr. Naidoo maintains Dr. Munns’ accusations are without foundation, and says that a charge laid against him by the Munns grouping, was found to be without foundation.

eHowz!t has been following the story over the past month. We interviewed Dr. Munns quite a while ago, and waited with the publication of the interview until Reverend Bodla was available to give the other side of the story, in the interests of balanced reporting. In the process we managed  to get an exclusive insight into the infighting, which we share with our public.

This interview is with Dr. Munns.   For Reverend Bodla’s viewpoint, please go to the interview with him which has also been posted in our video section.

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