Video: Bus driver texts and crashes

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HOW IRRESPONSIBLE CAN YOU BE? A video shows us why it’s dangerous to use a cellphone behind the wheel. This driver is lucky to escape injury. 

Checking text messages while driving is dangerous at the best of times but what if you’re responsible for dozens of lives? A shocking video shows a bus driver checking messages on his cellphone moments before crashing into a truck.

With the 2013 holiday season fast approaching, it’s important to be vigilant especially as millions of South Africans embark on road trips. Sadly, regardless of how safe a driver you might be, you can’t prepare for the irresponsibility of others.


A video shows a bus driver in China checking messages while driving. Despite being recorded on camera, he continues to check his cellphone until the inevitable happens – he crashes into a vehicle ahead.

In the video you can see the driver candidly checking his phone, oblivious to the danger ahead. Is he not aware he is being recorded?

Ultimately the driver smashes into a truck parked, admittedly dangerously, on the shoulder of the road.

The video shows how the truck driver narrowly escaped with his life as the front side of the  bus was destroyed.

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