Epic vibe at South Coast Film Night – photo gallery

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Quintin van Jaarsveld

This year’s South Coast Film Night proved to be an epic evening of entertainment at the Spot Backpackers in Umtentweni on Saturday.

Wave-riders were unfazed by the weather as they came out in numbers for the annual event organised by local standouts Derek Horlock and Byron Wigmore.

Three local surf movies shot by the dynamic duo were screened – Pentai Selatan, South Coast Archives and South Coast Archives 2.0, which highlighted the rich talent in the region.

Great prizes were up for grabs as funds were raised for a number of local charities, with live entertainment adding to the epic vibe.

A pleased Horlock told eHowzit: “Byran and I are continuously collecting footage of local surfers, so after having such a good winter with great clips, we decided to put it together and put it on display for the locals to watch.

“Byran had also been working on an Indonesian edit from a trip we did a few years back and thought it would be nice to show the journey we had.

“The whole idea behind the night was firstly to give back to the locals who have generously supported us through the years. Then, if profits were made, to spread it on to deserving others.

“Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too kind and decided to pay a visit, which made things a little difficult because of the electrical equipment used to display the movies.

“Despite the weather, though, the audience grew and we continued late in to the night rocking to Abbey Grange and Chewing the Hornets.

“In between the bands, we had a lucky draw giveaway with awesome prizes. We ended up clearing R2100, which be split between Hibiscus Food for Life and Riverlife Church. We also ran a booze hamper raffle for the Drive 4 Dune initiative.

“A big thanks to all the businesses and people who sponsored and came to support. A special thanks to Bella and Ralph Gallagher for cooking, Jenny Milward for her venue, Rogers from Action Sports Bar in Marburg, my mom and dad, Nicci Tilley, Michael Lockier, Graham Nadauld, Brandon Lange and Hayley Maisch.”

Photos by Nicholas Njapha

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