Erzbergrodeo XIX

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“The hardest single day enduro race” 

30 May – 2 June 2013

Tougher than Iron

They come from all over the world, regardless of profession and age, factory riders as well as amateurs and hobby riders – and they have two things in common:

  • They are tough.
  • And they have one main opponent: The Iron Giant.

Not even Hollywood could provide for more thrill and suspense. 1500 competitors fight for 500 starting lots. Amateurs and high-profile superstars of the sport rub their shoulders at the starting line. The Iron Road Prologue is the first challenge of the Erzbergrodeo, and only the best survive the pressure to give it all within less than 15 minutes of going wide open on a gnarly gravel racetrack.
Erzberg start line
These chosen riders have to prove stamina, courage and riding skills to remain victorious in their struggle against the Iron Giant. And it is these riders, who are heart and soul of the Erzbergrodeo. The more they are tortured and humiliated, the more enthusiastically they spread the story of the toughest single day race in the world. Only real man take up this challenge and they give no mercy. They spare neither their bodies nor their motorbikes. That’s why they have to trust in the best equipment only.

A made-to-measure target group for companies offering outstanding products or services!
„FOR REAL MEN!“ – this slogan fits nowhere better than at the Erzbergrodeo.

2 Local Riders will be participating in this event Wade Young from Paddock and Scott Bouverie from Harding.

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