Everything you need to know about National Enduro Championship opener

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The first round of the National Enduro Championship (Regional Round Three) will be held at Elandspruit Farm, New Hanover on 23 March.

Entries close Wednesday 20 March 2019. 

Elandspruit Farm is situated only 1hrs 30min from Durban

GPS Co-ordinates: S29°17’59.708″ E30°30’32.296″


Need accommodation?
Look at the following areas

New Hanover
Wartburg Hof

Documentation & Self Scrutineering


Will take place from 7h30 am @ pits

Scrutineering will take place to check that all bikes conform to the regulations. Riders are to bring their motorbike with their helmet and their backpack containing all the necessary items that are listed on the scrutineering forms. All scrutineering forms will need to be checked by the officials before the bikes are allowed to go into parc fermé.

Please remember to bring along your MSA License, POP, Self Scrutineering Forms, GPS. Need a Self Scrutineering Form? We have you covered HERE

Important Information

  1. There will be stampers on Route, if you don’t have a card holder, they will be on sale at Registration.
  2. Licences will be checked at registration, ensure you have a copy for in your bag while riding.
  3. Proof of payment – Copy on your phone is acceptable – Just in Case!
  4. Scrutineering forms need to be submitted at registration, Scrutineers will be doing their thing at the race on the Saturday. They will be checking that the affirmations indicated on the scrutineering form are in place and that there is compliance with all the requirements of the SSR’s and SR’s, this includes each rider having an environmat to refuel on and a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.
  5. WOW Licences may only be purchased from MSA online. www.msaonlie.co.za WOW riders must provide proof of medical aid membership that is to be kept in the rides bag while competing.  See a MSA’s Presentation: “How to purchase a WOW licence online”. Open in Slides
  6. Refuse bags will be available at registration, if you brought it with you, please take it home with you.
  7. Refreshments will be available at the venue on Friday evening during documentation and on Saturday and Saturday evening.
  8. An event evaluation form is to be completed at the end of your race. Please find a form at the sign out table at Race Control on the day.

Entries and Race day Information

  • Entries at : Race Control  
  • If you are unsure if you are going to make it to the event, enter in any case.  Your entry can easily be removed if not required. All information is available on the WFO Hard Enduro web page http://www.wforacing.co.za/


Each pit requires an environmat and a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.

Ensure you use a refuse bag and take all rubbish home with you at the end of the day.

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