Everything you need to know about WFO Enduro Regional Champs opener

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Riders are in for 35km of exciting and challenging terrain in the first round of the WFO Enduro Regional Championship at Mid-Illovo on Saturday.

They say if you want rain, host a WFO. That’s probably why our riders are the best in the land and worldwide. We adapt to all conditions that improves our riding ability.

A big thank you to Tiaan Malherbe for setting this course and to landowners, Scott Hosking and Murray Hampson for the use of their land and assisting with all the clearing of the track and route prep. A lot of our club riders have helped with the to course to ensure that the standard of this routes is at WFO enduro level.

There are two signature sections on the route to test riders technical ability and it is compulsory that Clubman and WOW classes use the alternate routes at these SPLIT sections which are well marked and sign posted.

The race starts with a short 25m section of haulage road  before you turn left and enter down into STOMPIE ALLEY through some cut timber with some easy flowing section along a contour and haulage road for about 3 km getting you warmed up for what lies ahead. You will then enter an easy active river section for about 500m and then ride through varied terrain with some downhills where you need to look out for ruts, rocks and logs until you come to a nice rocky hill climb. Riding on top of the crest of the hill, until you come to TRAVISES DOWNHILL where all classes are to find their way carefully as you then travel up STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN where you will meet the 4 way manned checkpoint area. At this checkpoint riders are urged to think carefully, Look carefully and follow the correct route once stamped your card. You will then ride through some amazing up and downs including WHITE ROCK MOUNTAIN, PIMPLIES 1 and PIMPLES 2 before you come to the SPLIT#1 in the route.

At the SPLIT#1 – the MAIN ROUTE continues up CHUCKLES and through the 4 way manned checkpoint again as you rejoin the common piece of route down TRAVISES DOWNHILL AND CONTINUE ON THE LEfT TO WHERE THE TRACKS MERGE AGAIN
At the SPLIT#1 – The alternate route is to the right which is a nice easy flowing riding crossing the rivers a few times before you merge back onto the main route.

The common route then continues for a number KM’s of easy riding until you come to the SPLIT#2 on the route where the alternate route goes left and the main route goes up JARVIS’s hill. It has the name Jarvis for very good reasons so pick your line correctly. After this signature section there is contour roads all the way home. This is a challenging course physically, mentally and with the predicted rain is a true test of your enduro riding skills. Finishing a WFO is an achievement on its own. Good luck and Enjoy

A few points to take note of:

1.  Make sure you have registered early and ready for the programme of events on the day.
Please bring your Proof of Payments as well as a copy of your MSA Licenses to get through the registration period swiftly.


2.  Riders briefing for those riders doing the sighting lap will take place at 7h45

3. There is a sighting lap for E1 and E2 classes which is compulsory and optional for other Regional CLASSES.

4.  Due to the predicted whether conditions we have extended the sighting lap period to three hours(8h00 – 11h00). Riders can start their sighting lap anytime once the start opens for the sighting lap.

5. You need to be back from your sighting lap and your bike placed in your starting rows before the race starts at 11h00. If you are not back in time for this you will continue onto your next lap when you pass through the finish which will cost you time.

6.  There is a 4 way stop on the course which will be manned by marshalls. Please ensure you stop, think and choose your correct route for your class


Each pit requires an environmat and a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.

Ensure you use a refuse bag and take all rubbish home with you at the end of the day.

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