Excellent spectacle of polocrosse among beautiful bikes and vintage cars at Oribi Museum

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Paddock Polocrosse Club and the Rust Bucket Oribi Museum played host to bikes, cars and ponies over the weekend.

Bikes descended from all over South Africa as part of Africa Bike Week, vintage cars from local collectors and polocrosse players, their families and their horses gathered for the annual Midlands Polocrosse Championships.

The museum was abuzz with activity the whole weekend with delicious food served by Jeanie’s catering, ice cold beers on tap, music and commentary echoing through the beautiful Oribi Gorge and a spectacle of excellent polocrosse, which showcased the sport to the hordes of enthusiastic and interested visitors.

Players were divided into mixed sections in three divisions as well as the ever important young future stars.

Play was of a very high standard throughout the divisions and much experience was gained by members of the four Midlands clubs – Richmond, Tegwaans,  Kargs Post and Paddock, playing with and against each other and many of the younger, up-and-coming stars getting a chance to play with the “older”, wiser senior players.

Teams were appropriately named after bikes and cars in keeping with the spirit of the theme for the weekend.

Paddock’s Amber Pretorius played a key role for A division winners Harley Davidson on Copper Classic, who was presented with the Golden Pony award.

Heinz Bunge’s Suzuki side won the B division, while Sven Bunge and Simon Heaver helped Chev to victory in the C division.

Two other Paddock players won individual awards – Paige Pretorius was named Best Junior Player and Heaver was voted Most Improved Senior Player.

Lynton Bauer was acknowledged as the Best Senior Player, Olivia King was named Most Promising Future Star and Chad von Benecke won the Most Improved Junior Player award.

Paddock Polocrosse Club were thanked for their hard work in hosting the event and for their legendary warm hospitality.

The tournament was a great success with the objectives of raising individual play, observation of all players for handicapping and selection for IPT teams and the interaction of Midlands players both on and off the field to build spirit and improve provincial polocrosse standards being achieved. Of particular notice was the excellent sportsmanship shown by all players.

Full results:

C Division:
Fourth Place:  Ford – (Derrick Classen, Chloe Visser, Tyde Korsten)
Third Place: Fiat – (Candice Odell, Tayla von Benecke, Kennedy Stone)
Runners-Up: – Mercedes (Stuart Odell, Sam Gilson, Joel Visser)
Winners: Chev – (Dirk Pannike, Sven Bunge, Simon Heaver)

B Division:
Sixth Place: Huhudi – (Nicola Rae, Brya Gillespie, Maverick Gillespie, who travelled over 1000km)
Fifth Place: Honda – (Daniel Bunge, Amber Pretorius, Kenan Classen)
Fourth Place: Yamaha – (Paige Pretorius, Jess Heaver, Ryan Pretorius)
Third Place: Triumph – (Kennedy Stone, Jens Bunge, Pierre Scheepers)
Runners-Up: Norton – (Simon Heaver, Stuart Odell, Seb King)
Winners: Suzuki – (Noel Bauer, Chad von Benecke, Heinz Bunge)

A Division:
Fourth Place: BMW – (Sandy Fortmann, Heinrich Fortmann, Jenny Firth)
Third Place: Ducati – (Mark Arnold, Graeme Horne, Melody Fitch)
Runners Up:  Aprilia – (Sean Gilson, Tony Windt, Paige Pretorius)
Winners: Harley Davidson – (Lynton Bauer, Lance Hosking, Amber Pretorius)

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