Exciting bowls at Margate Country Club

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The Hair Shoppe Ladies Fours played at Margate Country Club recently was won by Pam Cole-Cook, Vi Pels and Sandy van Niekerk.

The runners-up were Franci Philpott, Trixi Smith, Yvonne Bausek and Sandy Fergusson. The 50/50 was won by Cole-Cook.

On Wednesday, The Manaba Spar Open Trips was won by Brian Douthwaite with a score of 4 + 10. The runners-up were Gordon Ogilvie, Gary Hess and Lucas Barnard with score of 4 + 9.

The first session went to Graham and Anjie Gold and Peter McCarthy with a score of 2 + 7 and the second session went to Mike Prinsloo, Sandi Johnston and Johan Cooper with a score of 2 + 17.

Shortly the invitations to Skips for the MCC Challenge will be going out. Those receiving please respond as quick as possible.

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