RNM warns businesses with expired licences to register or face legal consequences

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 The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality calls on those businesses whose licences have expired and those operating illegally in its jurisdiction to re-register their businesses or to face legal consequences.

 The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has established that there are a number of local businesses of which their licences have expired, and some that are operating illegally in its area. These businesses are encouraged to register with the municipality as soon as possible. Those who are caught on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with as per the Business Act 71 of 1994 which regulates and give guidance in terms of how the business licencing processes shall be handled.

These findings have been established through the routine checks done by the RNM Local Economic Development and have also been revealed during the inspections done during the Launch of the Safety Month held in the Port Shepstone CBD. The Safety and Security Cluster visited the local businesses in order to do its operations and in those inspections, the business licences were also a critical aspect looked at.

These businesses are given a grace period until the end of January 2019 to renew and register or the municipality will issue hefty penalties. The municipality will do its level best to hunt down those businesses who operate illegally and will issue penalties in this regard.

Therefore, all the businesses which operating illegally in RNM municipal area are humbly requested to come forward, renew and register their businesses with the municipality to avoid any legal actions which may be employed by the Council.


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