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Patients can access the care and treatment required in a hospital setting with the relevant specialist onsite and available, to properly assess and manage them.

The COVID day-care facility, set-up at Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital in Durban, erected over this past weekend, has proven to be a success, filling the gap for those patients requiring care but not overnight hospitalisation.

Patients can access the care and treatment required in a hospital setting with the relevant specialist onsite and available, to properly assess and manage them.

This allows for beds to free up in the main hospital facility for those patients, who require urgent hospitalisation. The COVID day-care facility, which was a first of its kind facility in the country, was set-up as a matter of urgency, by several NGOs and humanitarians led by Muslims for Humanity (MfH) and including Natal Memon Jamaat (NMJ), Islamic Medical Association (IMA), Caring Sisters Network (CSN), Al Imdaad Foundation, Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre and Jamiatul Ulema KZN.

While initially a 20-bed facility, the capacity has since its opening over the past weekend increased to a 36-bed facility.

“It is a triage centre as well as a facility offering day outpatient support and services to COVID patients by ensuring proper assessment and outpatient management in a bid to prevent hospitalization. Examples of such services include IV therapy and oxygen therapy. We will try to prevent the serious onset of symptoms with a routine outpatient visitation schedule including radiology and pathology studies, for patients to be properly managed in a hospital setting to prevent the serious onset of COVID symptoms,” commented Ebrahim Asmal, the hospital general manager at Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital.

In addition, it is important to note that this is a joint CSI project partnership with several NGOs and humanitarians, with a commitment that no patient will be turned away due to lack of funds.

This facility was set-up in a short space of time to support the hospital during this second wave of this national disaster.

Due to demand for similar facilities, the group of NGOs and humanitarians have since set-up similar facilities at Midlands Medical Centre in Pietermaritzburg, Daymed Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, Hibiscus Hospital in Port Shepstone and Hibiscus Cato Ridge Hospital.

Imraan Jooma, the project co-ordinator and NMJ representative in this joint relief initiative, commented that since the opening of the first facility at Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital, there have since been requests from all over the country to set up similar facilities due to the unfortunate rising need.

At this moment, the group is assessing how quickly it can set-up the other facilities and while there is no shortage of funding and equipment to set-up these facilities, the biggest challenge is finding the necessary skills and resources to man these facilities.

These sentiments were further echoed, by Dr Yakub Essack, National President of the IMA who stated that frontline workers especially doctors, nurses and paramedics were physically and emotionally drained with their efforts over the past few weeks.


Article written by: Overport Rising Sun

Photo credit: Overport Rising Sun

Link: https://risingsunoverport.co.za/95522/extended-covid-daycare-facilities-available-by-humanity-for-humanitarians/

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