Fallen friend inspired Stapelberg to conquer Roof of Africa

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Quintin van Jaarsveld

The memory of his friend motivated Pierre Stapelberg to Silver Class success in the Motul Roof of Africa.

The Ramsgate privateer faced several challenges before and during the Mother of Hard Enduro, but he said nothing was going to stop him from finishing his maiden Silver Class Roof in honour of his friend Brent Smith, who recently passed away on a dirt bike close to Umzumbe.

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“I did it in memory of Brent and that’s what pulled me through,” the 39-year-old told eHowzit.

After 103rd place in Thursday’s time trial, Stapelberg got caught up in bottlenecks along with most of the Silver and Bronze Class riders on Friday.

He was consequently unable to finish the day but by reaching the last service point two hours before cut off, he was still in the race in 40th place.

A 27th place on Saturday saw the 2012 Bronze Class finisher add a silver medal to his collection in 39th place in a time of 26 hours 35 hours 50 seconds.

“It felt good to finish but I was disappointed that I couldn’t complete Friday’s full route due to the cock up with bottlenecks.

“I had some bad luck as I injured my ribs in training a week before the event and got flu on Monday, which affected my balance, but I pushed through.”

Maxi Stapelberg, Pierre Stapelberg, Paul Vosloo and Jessica Vosloo.
Maxi Stapelberg, Pierre Stapelberg, Paul Vosloo and Jessica Vosloo.

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