How to get rid of those damn flies

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As the temperature rises, our homes get targeted by an influx of ants and cockroaches. When it’s REALLY hot, however, flies become our number one enemy.

Why in the summer?
At the end of autumn, flies prepare to overwinter. They remain in their pupal casings where they secrete “antifreeze protein” which protects them from the harsh winter elements. As summer approaches, the warmer weather signals the end of a long winter and fly populations will continue to build during the summer month.

Flies can travel hundreds of meters away from their breeding ground, especially when caught in a wind current, which makes the task of controlling your fly infestation a never ending one.

Most flies lay their eggs in moist, humid places that also serve as a food source for their larvae. Garbage, rotting vegetables, stagnant water and exposed food serve as the ideal breeding ground for this intruder.

Although house flies cannot bite, they carry diseases which have the potential to spread into our homes, contaminating our food which in extreme circumstances, could result in typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera and pin worms.

How do you get rid of flies?
•    Remove garbage at least twice a week.
•    Keep garbage cans as far away from doors as possible.
•    Keep doors and windows closed.
•    Keep exposed food covered.

Bear in mind, however, that the key to successful fly control begins outside your home.

Helpful hints for outside:
•    Outside areas should be cleaned regularly – if you suffer from a very serious fly infestation, treating the premises with a mister or blower is helpful.
•    Outdoor sprays also work well to kill and repel flies. Spray all outdoor areas.
Most over-the-counter fly control products do not contain the same active ingredients as their professional counterparts.


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