Friday water supply update from Ugu

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Please note the following status: Area South 26 June 2020

St Helen’s rock Low lift No.2 and No.5 are down due impeller mounting damage and bearing collapse respectively.

Low lift No.5 bearing assembly done last night and team finalizing pump station pipework assembly this morning to complete midday and restart pump station at above 90% supply to plant.

With regards to low lift No. 2 assembly, we’re awaiting feedback from engineering shop and advice on lead time.

Plant production is currently at 80% from dam feed.

Only Marburg booster has been running for the past 12 hours and Northern boosters has been started this morning.

Southern booster and Gamalakhe will be started late this evening when plant production has been increased.

Critical reservoirs:

Umzimkulu reservoir and tower, North Shepstone and Gamalakhe which are all less than 30%.

Marburg outlet was opened this morning.

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