Friday water supply update from Ugu

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St Helen’s Rock pump station:

Salinity level at abstraction is above 500 ms/m. Pump station remains offline due to salinity being above limit.

The river mouth breach is proceeding today; conditions are not completely favorable but attempt to start scouring salinity water and another breaching will be scheduled latest Monday when on low tide.

Bhobhoyi plant is currently being fed from the dam at less than 70% production. All boosters and Sport and Leisure are off due to low plant level, less than 40%. Command reservoir is being fed by gravity which reduces demand and results in reservoir levels dropping.

Treated water salinity level is being monitored at treatment works which still within maximum limit of 170 ms/m.

MARBURG SYSTEM: Marburg reservoir is less than 10%; Esperanza pumps are off due to low level. Marburg and Oslo beach will experience low pressure and no water while Marburg is building up and Bhobhoyi will experience no water due to low reservoir level.


Umzimkhulu command reservoir is currently less than 30%, feed to Northern system opened levels will affect supply pressure to Northern system reservoirs i.e: North Shepstone, Anerley, Melville/Woodgrandge/Hibberdene, KwaMadlala, Louisiana and Fairview. Melville/Hibberdene system being restored after two breaks repaired. Woodgrandge no water are now due to burst pipeline on Mount pleasant.

Albersville reservoir feeding Port Shepstone CBD is still above 50% and consumers urged to conserve the available water supply to ensure hospital feeds are not compromised.


Seaslopes command reservoir is currently critical low less than 20%; supply to Ramsgate system has been affected with North and South reservoir less than 20%. Kaisers pumps still feed upper Margate and Nosita.


Sport and Leisure pump station has been off for more than 3 days due to low BHOBHOYI level and Water tanker will be used to provide relief for Affected areas in Gamalakhe, Msikaba and Qinabout.

Uvongo, Shelly Beach and Margate CBD reservoirs are still healthy and consumers urged to conserve water to aid recovery of other systems which has now collapsed.

The system recovery is expected to start latest Sunday when sea tides start to recede and salinity at abstraction drops to potable level to start abstracting raw from Umzimkhulu.

Water relief capacity is limited and filling points have low pressure and queue which affect turnaround.


Plant is operational, shutdown experienced due load shedding and fault which took 4 hours and plant was back on operation during midnight.

Hanover pump station and Coastal supply opened as of 05:00.

Port Edward supply line opened.

Inland supply opened to izingolweni and KwaXolo.


Umgeni plant opened supply to Mehlomnyama command reservoir. Dweshula is closed to divert water to lower supply area. Limited supply from the bulk system impact supply and restoration which results in some areas without water for many days.

KWAHLONGWA system: plant is operational.

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