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News and results from South Coast clubs.

The Food Lover’s Market 2-4-2 winners were Hew Hodgson and Mada Lindeque, from Astrid Jackson and Rentie Stevens.
Session went to Graham and Pauline Dunlop.
Harbourview Superspar Open Trips winners were Jean and Bob Squires and Anne Payn.
In second place were Tammy Gibbons, Gert Snyman and Rosemarie Ludwig.
Third place went to Leon Sander, Christopher Danca and Khaya Hlongwa.
The club will be closed until further notice.

Food Lover’s Market Open 2-4-2, played Thursday, was won by Tim Woolley and Haydn Rowlands.
Runners-up were Graham and Pauline Dunlop.
First session went to Kevin and Edith Button; second session to Peter McCarthy and Des Evans.
The Hardekool Open Trips, played last Sunday, were won by Peter Griffiths, Stefan Helberg and Tim Woolley.
Runners-up were Richard Griffiths, Doug and Rentia Cobbledick. Session went to Ian Kalil, Trish Steyn and Terence van Rensburg.

Winning the Wolf Security Open Trips were Brian Douthwaite, Nora Hill and Rhett Butler on a whopping score of 4 plus 41 shots, including a full house. Runners-up were Tony Waters, Julie Walker and Sue Wood.
The first session went to Glyn Evans, Helen Proctor and Debby Evans, and the second went to Vernon Clements, Glenn Hatfield and Brent Addison.

The Food Lover’s Market Open Pairs was won by Deon van Schalkwyk and Edith Button.
Runners-up were Ernie Southward and Theo Vorster. Session went to Marcus and Wilma Steinmann.
Social bowls every Sunday at 9am. Dress casual.

Winners of the Superspar Pairs on Friday were Jokkie and Marianne van Buuren from Cliff Moakes and Jean Longden.
Session prize went to Rod and Mary Phelps.
Social bowls on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 13:30 for 13:45. Booking essential.


Article written by: Tebuho Zongwana

Photo credit: South Coast Herald


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