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Leo Prinsloo, the security escort who dodged a hail of bullets when he and his colleague were attacked on the N4 in Pretoria, has been celebrated as a hero for his ability to remain calm in a situation that could have cost the pair’s lives.

South Africans were introduced to him last week after footage recorded inside a cash-in-transit vehicle under attack went viral on social media and dominated local and international news headlines.

In it, Prinsloo can be heard giving instructions to his colleague while he drives to get away from their attackers.

Here are five things you need to know about Prinsloo:

He trained the Abu Dhabi police antiterrorism unit
Prinsloo is listed as the head of global security at Cybex Security, a London-based company that offers a wide range of security services. According to the company’s website, Prinsloo was headhunted to train the antiterrorism unit of Abu Dhabi’s police force.

He’s been part of teams protecting Madiba, Prince Charles and even Kim K
He has served in protection teams guarding famous people including former president Nelson Mandela, Kim Kardashian and Prince Charles, according to Advanced Tactical Training.

He teaches self-defence and physical training
He is the head instructor at Fortis Group and a former police special task force member. His “Lone Operator” training programme is focused on self-defence and includes teaching people physical fitness and knife defence.

And is the owner of a shooting academy
Prinsloo also owns The Edge shooting academy in Centurion. The academy offers firearm training for beginners and advanced users. Trainees are taught how to shoot at moving targets and from moving vehicles, among other skills.

In all things, he preaches alertness is key
“It’s a state of mind. Be able! Be ready! Be competent.” This is the message plastered across his Facebook timeline.

In an interview with eNCA on Tuesday, he told the broadcaster he was able to survive the attack because of his ability to anticipate violence.

“You need to expect things like that to happen because it prepares your mind for what you need to do. The first time I knew they were there was when the gun went off. When we train people, we teach them to pre-visualise what they need to do, that it is a mindset.”
Article written by: Cebelihle Bhengu

Photo credit: TimesLive


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