Greensmith rules the greens at Margate Country Club

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Corinne Greensmith had a week to savour at Margate Country Club last week.

Greensmith won the ladies individual stableford on 39 points on Tuesday and went on to win the ladies fourball alliance along with Wondra Bothma, Rene Paton and Beryl Williamson on 103 points on Saturday.

Margate Country Club results (week ending 30 March):
Tuesday 25 March:

Ladies Individual Stableford sponsored by Margate Pro Shop:

1st; Corinne Greensmith – 39 pts.
2nd; Lexley Lewis – 35 pts.
3rd; Evelyn Burls – 35 pts oco.

Wednesday 26 March:

Wobblers Three Ball Alliance two, three, one to count:

1st ;Frank Merrill, Ken Norval, Dave Morrison – 85 pts.
2nd; Derek Egerton, Brian Jeffreys, Rob Henning – 83 pts.
3rd; James Tutt, Rob Brien, Fred Harrison – 82 pts.

Arthur Tomlinson Floater; Fred Boshoff, Malcolm Redding and Andy Buchan – 60 pts.

Thursday 27 March:

Pro Shop Comp, Individual Stableford:

1st; John Webster – 41 pts oco.
2nd; Rob Weyer – 41 pts oco.
3rd; Denis Reeboch – 41 pts.

Nearest to pin 16th sponsored by Hibiscus Retirement Villages; Jim Finn.

Saturday 29 March:

Men’s Betterball Stableford:

1st; Ken Ashington and Dawie de Villiers – 55 pts.
2nd; Okkie Wanneburg and (Dawie de Villiers, pivot) – 49 pts.
3rd; Flip Fourie and Johan Stoltz – 48 pts oco.

Jackpot; Okkie Wanneburg and Dawie de Villiers – 17 pts.

Ladies Fourball Alliance two to count:

1st; Corinne Greensmith, Wondra Bothma, Rene Paton and Beryl Williamson – 103 pts.
2nd; Maureen Ogilvie, Shannon Gottlieb, Kay Young and Anita Scheepers –  95 pts.

Jackpot; also won by winners with 29 points.

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