This Guy Began With Nothing – In Just 6 Weeks, He Will Make You Jealous

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When people dream of their ideal home, they probably expect to spend some serious money for it. This was not the case for Steve Areen. With just $9,000 USD and 6 weeks, he built his dream abode in Thailand.
Steve started from scratch.

With help from his friends, they quickly made progress using a combination of cement and clay bricks.

$6,000 enabled them to build the base structure. Materials are cheaper in Thailand for sure, but what you get for your money is still pretty insane.

An additional $3,000 was spent on details.

Steve’s work definitely reminds us that less is indeed more, and that spending more money doesn’t always mean better results. With limited resources, Steve turned a pile of dirt into a serene, beautiful sanctuary. What a true inspiration!

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