Ten child friendly, healthy lunchbox ideas for you to try…

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  • Be a star parent with these simple child-friendly recipes that fit all budgets for any day of the week.

Whether your little ones are just off to school for the first time or are facing their first day of Matric, these healthy lunch box ideas will power their hunger and their brains for a full day of learning.

Egg muffins – Breakfast, lunch, or snack, egg muffins are low-fat, high-protein, cheesy, single serving delights.  Send 2-4 to school to keep your little one fulfilled all day long.  Use only egg whites to avoid cholesterol. 

Mini meatballs – Lean mince packed with juicy flavours that are packaged into adorably sized balls.  Kids can help make the meatballs the night before too. 

Peanut butter bombs – If you and the family love peanut butter, this is the ultimate!  You can steer clear of the chocolate to bump up the healthy factor, but these goodies have no butter or flour in them. 

Fruit and almond squares – Let them snack on homemade fruity fun squares that have less sugar than store bought and are savvy for the purse too.

Cauliflower mac ‘n cheese – Sneak vegetables into the lunch box with a classic mac ‘n cheese recipe that adds a creamy cauliflower that will go completely unnoticed.

Hummus and crackers  – Incredibly easy to make and even fun for the kids to make with you.  Make 2 portions of the recipe and pop into the lunch box in a small container for the week.  Add carrot sticks or crackers, cucumber slices, or rice cakes for dipping.

Blueberry muffins – Muffins are fabulous for flavourful filling snacks that have all the good stuff in them. This recipe for blueberry muffins can be made into mini muffins that can be wrapped up into easy packages for a morning or afternoon burst of energy.

Zesty lemon fish fingers –  Fish fillets cut up into strips and lightly battered.  The kids can even batter them and have bragging rights for cooking their own meal. Add a bun and just a drizzle of low-fat mayo and make a fish burger.

Savoury sandwiches – A basic outline of classic sandwiches that gives you options to add and subtract to suit whatever your child likes.

Plum and nectarine oat bars – Natural and homemade, crunchy and sweet, these oat bars can be made long ahead of time and stored for anytime snacking.  They are easily packed into the lunch box and the kindertjies will be getting a serving of fruit without any complaints.


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