Seven best drinks to lose belly fat – stick to them, and they work

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If you want reduce belly fat fast should know that apart from exercise you also need to follow a diet. Here are 7 drinks to lose belly fat:

  1. Ice cold water: It improves your metabolism. Drink at least 1 litre a day.
  2. Coconut Water: Has a lot of electrolytes and boosts metabolism.
  3. Skim Milk: Regular consumption can help break down body fats easily.
  4. Vegetable Juice: Great source of nutrients and calories.
  5. Nutritional Drinks: Specific ones can have a good amount of nutrition.
  6. Green and Black Tea: They can both burn up to 43% more fat compared to other teas.
  7. Watermelon Smoothie: Contains arginine; an amino acid that reduces body fat.
    Drink these on a regular basis and lose the belly fat you always wanted to.


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