Video: This must be the worst case of head lice, ever. Warning: Not for sensitive viewers.

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Not for sensitive viewers…..

This stomach-churning video captures what could be the most extreme case of head lice ever seen, as hundreds of nasty creepy crawlies are brushed from a poor child’s head. In footage uploaded to YouTube, a mum is seen struggling to drag a nit comb through her daughter’s thick, dark hair. When she manages to pull the brush free, it is covered in hundreds of live, pale green lice. Experts believe that the lice may have been there for so long and in such numbers, that they built nests in the girl’s hair. Salon owner Dee Wright, whose Hairforce business provides a “Lice Assasins” treatment, said the video was similar to some of the worst cases she has seen. She told MailOnline: “That looks heavy. We see infestations of that nature. “We’ve even seen people with nests. That’s where you’ve got so many lice they’re clumping together. “They’re a big ball of lice fighting each other for survival.”

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