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What a lovely turnout on Saturday afternoon and congratulations to the members who have been promoted from the orientation class to Beginners Agility. We hope you will continue to enjoy the time you spend at Hibiscus Kennel Club and that your dogs will excel in whichever discipline you decide to follow. Not all dogs are Agility Dogs but there is nothing better than a well disciplined dog and Carting is great fun.

Trainers were very thin on the ground and those of us who were absent thank the stay at homers for putting in the extra effort to make sure that training continued. Whoever designed the Advanced Agility Course did not consider the member who arrived late after a huge Birthday lunch and had to run for her life to keep up with her dog. Serves me right.

It is very unfortunate that two weeks after The Lions Show we still cannot access the ground due to the trenches and mud puddles left behind and that we are surrounded by heaps of rotting food and rubbish. We have been told that it is the Muncipality`s responsibility to restore the ground and remove the rubbish but we know from experience that it will take months, if ever, before they  make any effort. In the meantime we do the best we can and are thankful that we are not in the middle of summer.

We invite any prospective new members to visit us at the Port Shepstone Borough Field on Saturday afternoons between 1.30 and 6.00pm

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