‘There’s a sense of family at Southcity’ – Grade 10 learner

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Grade 10 learner Jocelyn Saunders, who has been at Southcity since grade four, has shared her #SouthcityStory:

“From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed with this warmth and love. Being able to walk down the corridors and have the teachers greet you by name and ask how you are, giving you that one-on-one attention that show they truly care.

“Having a sense of family at school is something I didn’t think you could have, until I came to Southcity.

“To be able to come to school and feel so loved, accepted and at home is really such an amazing feeling. The time the teachers take out of their days to make our lessons fun and to go the extra mile for us.

“Being able to have a good relationship with my peers and to get to know them better because of our small classes.

“Having our coaches support us and give us the skills we need to grow in our strengths on the sports field.

“The morale at our school is at a constant high because of the positive energy everyone brings each day.

“The love and support we show each other at sports days, plays and galas and watching everyone encourage one another and build each other up is really amazing to see.

“I remember playing our netball games and having Mrs. Lourens take time out of her day just to come and support us, because she knows how much we appreciate it.

“Being able to talk to your teachers about anything and having that supportive and encouraging environment is honestly a place where anyone can thrive!”

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