Illegal gun, ammunition, weapons, cash and drugs found in Sheppie

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Two unlicensed firearms, live ammunitions, daggers, cash and drugs were found in a safe in Port Shepstone on Thursday afternoon. The Port Shepstone Project Team were tipped-off about these items in a house in Bhomela.

Police members found two men, aged 20 and 25, in a room and requested them to open the safe. “When the safe was opened, a 3.75 mm revolver, five 3.75 mm rounds and two 9mm rounds were found in the safe. The men could not produce a licence,” Lieutenant Colonel Zandra Wiid said. Two big dagger knives, a number of bank notes and 75 capsules of heroin were also found in the safe.

The two men were arrested and they will be charged for possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of ammunition without a licence, possession of dangerous weapons and possession of drugs. They will appear in court soon.

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