It’s game on at Southcity Preparatory

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Life in the Preparatory School at Southcity has settled down smoothly to a new “normal.”

Our morning arrivals and afternoon departures are so slick and the screening teams are doing a fantastic job!

Grateful thanks to our parents for adhering to protocols, so enabling hundreds of children to get the day off to a good and timeous start!

Our pupils have been so pleased to see their friends and although all are social distanced at breaks, there is a happy buzz.

Various grades in the Senior Primary have been busy with practical projects and have enjoyed these challenges while the Junior Primary are also hard at work and are being kept entertained during breaks helping the days pass by so quickly.

Who would have thought 2020 would challenge our planning and thinking as it has! A virtual cross-country competition, fun exercise times, much story reading by the Librarian and we’re even learning the Jerusalema dance!

Our Pre-Primaries are enjoying each day, too, with much bubble and balloon fun and a host of new equipment and activities to brighten their days.

Southcity Preparatory is working hard, having fun and looking forward to ending the year very well indeed!

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