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Roadblocks and patrols will continue this week. Local civilians have played a big role in this and deserve much credit.

The South Coast has been kept virtually under lock and key by civilians, the South African National Defence Force, police and Ray Nkonyeni Municipality’s Law Enforcement.

This follows on after an initial major response and effort from members of the public, who rallied to defend their towns, in tandem with private security companies, Saps, Law Enforcement and finally SANDF.

Roadblocks have also be manned by members of the taxi associations and civilians who have helped monitor the vehicles coming in and out of the coast.

Selvan Chetty, Umtentweni CPF chairman, said that in light of credible  reports of possible further civil unrest in KZN in this coming week (Monday, July 19), the area of Umtentweni will remain in a state of high alert.

“We appeal to the members of Umtentweni to contact us on this number if you are available to man a road block during  in one of our three hour shifts,” he said.

In closing, he said they would like to thank everyone for all their efforts to date.

“The Minister of Justice was down yesterday (Sunday) visited some of the south coast roadblocks.  They acknowledge and thank the community for keeping our towns safe. We need to continue to act responsibly and work together with law enforcement.  Together we can get through this,” he said.

Roadblocks and patrols will also continue in other parts of the coast this week.

Article written by: Shona Aylward

Photo credit: South Coast Herald


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