Ugu: Acts of intimidation and sabotage threaten stable water supply

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The municipality is aware of water supply disruptions from Hibberdene to Port Edward areas as well as inland areas resulting from sabotage on our water systems.

The municipality is working with law enforcement agencies in investigating a case of sabotage with malicious intent to damage municipal infrastructure.

Unauthorised opening of scour valves has been discovered on our Northern and Southern systems of Port Sheptone.

And as a result of this criminal act, reservoirs feeding areas of Marburg, Gamalakhe, Shelly Beach and Ramsgate have been adversely affected.

Attempts by our technicians to troubleshoot and re-open the valves to restore water supply have been met with intimidation, threats and workers being followed by unknown vehicles into their homes.

This takes place at a time where during the week a municipal vehicle was burned down at the home of our technician who was on standby duty.

In the interim, immediate relief supply measures are being put in place to supply water to the affected areas through water tankers.

The leadership of the municipality is working tirelessly toward responding to the numerous outcries of water and sanitation services coming from our residents whilst also addressing matters concerning security of our infrastructure and that of our workers.

We call for patience, calm and support from residents during this period.

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