What KZN dirt bike riders can expect in Richmond Rodeo

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The sixth and penultimate round of the KwaZulu-Natal Regional Motorcycle Cross-Country Series will be held at Richmond Country Club on Sunday.

Kevin Holton and Mike Green are the organisers of the event with the help of Greg Ballington and Scott Scheepers.

“Richmond is what cross-country riding is all about. In the trees and out, up the hill and down. And no, you are not going to have to get off your bike and push.

“This one is to be done with one’s posterior firmly glued to the saddle. Well, maybe not all the time, as good riding dictates you use the whole saddle and also that you occasionally stand,” KZN Racing said in a statement.

Track report by Mike Green:

“Hi to all riders taking part in this weekend’s X Country Harescramble at Richmond.

“A big thank you to Scott Scheepers and Greg Ballington for finding what I think is a challenging loop, where riders will have to concentrate the whole way in order to achieve good results.

“The Senior Loop is 32km long and the junior loop is 20km. The track can be broken up into 3 sets of terrain. The first 10km consists of tight forest tracks between the stumps, plantations and game paths. The second 15km drops down into the valley and you follow lots of single track along cattle paths and cross 2 small rivers which leads its way back into the forest.

“The last 5kms or so, allows you to catch your breath, winding along forest roads as you make your way back to the Richmond club. The juniors will have most of the middle section cut out in order to shorten their course.

“Don’t for one moment think that this is an easy course, or rather, it will be easy, if you are riding slowly, but it is going to be extremely challenging to race. It will be physically demanding and requires lots of concentration. The terrain has lots of racks, and radiator height stumps, on the edge of paths, so you will need to concentrate the whole race.

“There is some rain forecast for Saturday. Let’s hope it comes, otherwise, it will be dusty. There is plenty of pit space and catering will be done by the Richmond Country Club, so we are set for a fantastic day.”

Additional information is available at www.kznracing.co.za or email info@kznracing.co.za.

Photo: Scott Bouverie and Kyle Flanagan.

KZN Cross Country Series 6 flyer

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