KZN drag racing ‘pipe dream’ becomes reality at Dezzi Raceway

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Quintin van Jaarsveld

Fuelled by a passionate home crowd, KwaZulu-Natal drag racers rose to the occasion to outgun Gauteng’s 011 Street Society at Dezzi South Coast Raceway on Saturday.

After running through RACESA last month, KwaZulu-Natal drivers faced the ultimate challenge in the 011 crew to determine who can lay claim to boasting the fastest street cars in South Africa.

Shake-down passes determined drivers’ placings and classes for the heads up shootout, where several drivers ran sub 11-second passes.

Poovern Ganesan clocked the best time of the day – 9.117 seconds, at a top speed of 237km/h in his Datsun.

Collin “Ben 10” Naidoo also had a great day and now boasts the fastest four-cylinder aspirated rear-wheel drive in KwaZulu-Natal after his 11.514-second pass (188km/h) in his 16v Opel powered Nissan Champ.

This personal best time also moves him up from fourth to third place on the South-African rankings in his class.

In the end, KwaZulu-Natal triumphed 12-8 to be crowned South Africa’s street kings.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of this KZN drag team,” said Harry Naidoo from KZN Drag Racing and Gas Magazine.

“I think when Nabil [Bassa] came out of the blocks with his four-wheel drive Golf 1 smashing a 10.6 first time out with no prep, it set the tone for the day.

“When I got started on this KZN drag scene, I hoped one day we could have competitive street cars as tracks were limited to anything else. I then focused on how we could lay claim to having the fastest street cars in SA, which many thought was a pipe dream.

“I know we owe 011 and Gauteng a return leg, probably Cape Town as well, but for now I feel we have the fastest street cars in SA and we can’t be beat in KZN.

“A really big thank you to JP Moreira and his 011 Street Society team. You have a great family my brother – take care of them. Thanks for coming down and putting on a show for the KZN lads.

“To the marshals, sponsors and patrons – on behalf of us all, thank you. Some of the lads worked throughout the night trying to get ready for the drags. You guys are what makes us get up in the morning and do what we do.”

011 Street Society’s JP Moreira said, “We battled here in KZN to get our set-up right but take nothing away from the KZN guys – they were absolutely brilliant.

“Their preparation was spot on and they drove like champs. Very well done to the team. We put in so much effort and time to get our cars here in KZN; thank you to all for your hard work and dedication.

“Harry and your team, thank you for every effort you put into making sure the 011 family is looked after – you’re a true gentlemen. Thank you to everyone who came down to supported the event and the teams. What an amazing experience it was.”

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