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CAPE TOWN – Bird watching has been a real delight for South Africans since Spring has sprung.

Along the KZN South Coast, the diversity of the natural landscape provides homes for a wide variety of South African bird species, the Ugu South Coast Tourism says.
“Bird watching is a great way to get back into nature and discover a previously unknown world.

“We’re very excited to welcome travellers starting out on the birdwatching journey, as well as those who are looking to tick off those truly unique bird species.

“The KZN South Coast has it all!,” Ugu chief executive Phelisa Mangcu said.

The African Fish Eagle is also a favourite among bird watchers.

As its name suggests it’s diet consists mostly of fish and they are known for their distinct calls, which are often heard before the birds can be seen.

The Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide is considered one of the world’s best vulture viewing spots, with over 200 resident Cape vultures.

Andy Ruffle, project co-ordinator for the Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide said: “The coastal stretch has an interesting variety of wild bird species which aren’t found inland or in other parts of the globe.

“The vulture viewing site is something very special and a really unique experience for visitors.”


Article written by: IOL

Photo credit: Blackwoods


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