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125.00 g margarine
250.00 ml white sugar
2.00 eggs
salt — pinch
65.00 ml milk
315.00 ml flour — self-raising


500.00 g icing sugar
salt — pinch
90.00 ml cocoa powder
30.00 ml margarine — soft
water — boiled
desiccated coconut



Beat margarine and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs and beat until mixture is light and creamy. Add salt. Add milk and flour, stirring until mixed.
Spoon mixture into a buttered and floured 23 cm square cake pan and bake in a preheated 190 ºC oven for 35 minutes.
Turn out onto a wire rack and set aside for 24 hours.


Mix icing sugar, salt, cocoa and margarine in a bowl. Pour in enough boiling water to make a runny icing.
Place cake on a board and cut into 7 strips about 3 cm wide. Cut each strip across into squares.
Place coconut in a dish. Dip cake pieces in icing, then toss in coconut.
Place on a plate to serve.


Article written by: Food24

Photo credit: Food24


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