Learn from the best: South Coast twins to host free junior golf clinic this weekend

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By Quintin van Jaarsveld

The Starting New At Golf (SNAG®) phenomenon will hit the South Coast when local professional twins Nicola Eaton-Gutzeit and Melissa Eaton host a free introductory junior clinic at Port Shepstone Country Club on Saturday (8 November).

The clinic will afford children the opportunity to learn how to play golf, while parents will get the chance to see what has made SNAG® such a success.

Developed by former PGA Tour players, Terry Anton and Wally Armstrong, and endorsed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, SNAG® provides an excellent entrée for children into the game of golf, beginning at the earliest stages of the educational system.

The physical education programs, which are the most educationally sound, contain objectives in the three domains of student learning: Psychomotor (physical skills), Cognitive (knowledge of concepts, rules and strategies), and Affective (emotional well-being).

The SNAG® coaching curriculum includes objectives in each of these three domains, as well as ideas for life-skills integration.

The Eaton twins are the South Coast’s leading professional women’s players and were both selected as part of an elite group to be groomed by the Ernie Els Foundation.

Both graduated from Louisiana State University and have vast experience of playing at a high level. They most recently competed in the Cell C South African Women’s Open at San Lameer Country Club.

Nicola is a South African Golfers Teachers Federation-certified golf instructor and resident pro at Port Shepstone Country Club.

She coaches at the Hillbillion driving range as well as at her home course and plays the local circuit and on the Sunshine Ladies Tour.

Melissa plays on the Ladies European Tour as well as the Symetra Tour and boasts major international victories such as winning the 2013 Florida’s Natural Charity Classic on her resume.

“We are very excited to bring SNAG® to the South Coast and give back to the sport and our community,” Nicola told eHowz!t.

“The sessions are planned to take place at local school next year as well as at some of the local golf clubs,” she explained.

“It has been said that the game of golf is a microcosm of life itself. The sport, more than any other, truly reflects the well-known adage, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.’

“Golf’s dependence on the integrity of the individual is responsible for solidifying the character of the millions who have played it. Unfortunately, this character-building sport has rarely, if ever, been effectively offered as a curriculum option in physical education – until now,” she added.

Melissa commented: “The SNAG® curriculum incorporates the teaching of all-important academic parallels and life-skills that will not only make better students, but more solid citizens.

“What further makes the SNAG® coaching curriculum of great benefit is the emotional intelligence taught to students in each lesson.

“Children of all ages will participate in the programs, therefore they will be learning with others of similar ability and will advance at their own rate.

“It will be for kids that are brand new to golf as well as those who have had prior coaching. Golf is after all, a game for all ages and ability.”

To book or for more information on the free clinic at Port Shepstone, contact Nicola on 072 550 7367 or twoforonegolf@gmail.com.

To find out more about SNAG® visit the SNAG® Africa website at www.snagafrica.co.za

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