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Port Shepstone High School is set to surpass all expectations this year as they stage their production of Oedipus.

The tragic tale of Oedipus is as relevant today as it was in Sophocles’ time in Ancient Greece.  It showcases several enduring themes such as the flawed nature of humanity, the personal responsibility that we hold in the course of our own destiny, complicated family relationships, prophesies, pride and the price of arrogance.

Jack Stephens (grade 8), will surprise the audience with his startling characterisation of the fabled king of Thebes who sets out to examine his past and establish the cause of the plague blighting the city over which he reigns.  The search reveals that he, himself, is the source of the epidemic afflicting his home.

He uncovers a secret that sets in motion a tragic turn of events which brings about the downfall of all those around him.

His wife, Jocasta (brilliantly portrayed by Tatum Vermaak) is revealed to be his mother, and a man he killed many years ago was in fact his father, Laius.  In anguish, he blinds himself and demands to be exiled from his beloved Thebes forever.

Diarise the 15th, 16th and 17th May at 7pm to enjoy a theatrical night which will leave you grappling with some eternal questions of humanity!  Tickets are R50.00 and can be purchased from the school.

Phone 039 682 2553 for more booking information.

Headlining the phenomenally talented cast of Oedipus are (back from left) Ché Habib as Creon, Tatum Vermaak as Jocasta, Jack Stephens as Oedipus, (front from left) Thutukani Mtuli as Tiresius and Vuyo Gasa as the guard.

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