Rugby players, please entertain us!!

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Dear Editor

I did not have the chance to watch the last match between the Springboks and the Pumas. However, judging from the score of the previous contest and this match I think the Boks did not honour their contract with the TV viewing public.

Just the other day I saw that Bryan Habana for example is now earning €61 000 per month where he plays for Toulon. I shall take Bryan as just an example of what I am going to say.

Today (27 Aug) Bryan will be bringing R846 497.00 back home if he brings his months pay back to South Africa. Now that is, in my view, a lot of money to get hold of and he gets that every month!

Now, to come back to rugby. The only reason why Bryan and his colleagues are getting paid so handsomely is because of the TV rights on the matches. Which in return means that whenever two rugby teams run onto the pitch with TV cameras rolling, they have a contract with the viewing public to entertain them for the full 80 minutes of the game. Not 40, not 50, not 60 and certainly not 70 minutes.

Each of the 30 players must entertain the TV viewers for the entire match to the very best of their ability. If one player does not entertain me for the full 80 minutes if the game, I should be compensated in one way or the other. The best way I can think of is to kick this player out of the game without compensation for a period of time.

From my understanding the All Blacks are a team of players where each and every player understands the importance to play like a wounded leopard for the full 80 minutes, no matter who they play against.

And that is what makes them the absolute king of TV entertainers.

It is high time that somebody whispers into Mr Meyer’s ear that he has quality players to work with. They must just be made to understand how important it is for each one of them to entertain us right through every match they play.

Regards from Windhoek

Philip Deetlefs


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