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An 80 year old woman in Betania and who is also mentally challenged, became another victim of this heinous crime on 27 January 2019 after her caregiver stepped out to go to the store. While briefly away from the residence a male broke through a window and brutally assaulted the pensioner before raping her. The caregiver suddenly arrived and the suspect fled leaving a vital piece of evidence behind, his underwear.

Police wasted no time in making an arrest and obtaining DNA evidence positively linking him to the rape. The suspect remained in police custody throughout his trial. Mpilo Mseleku (26) was convicted and sentenced in the Port Shepstone Regional Magistrate’s Court on 30 November 2020 to five year’s imprisonment for housebreaking with intent to rape, and life imprisonment for rape. He was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

“Rapists deserve the harshest sentences that can be meted out. Their crime destroys the soul of their victims. It is especially upsetting when the victims are children, the aged and those most vulnerable. I am extremely pleased with sentence handed down on the accused” commented UGU District Commissioner Major General Sethenya Nxamagele.

The investigating officer was Sergeant Beatus Cele of Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) Port Shepstone.

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