How to pair beer and food – there is much more in it than you think!

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Beer is right on trend, but what would you eat with it?

Beer is not your average drink anymore. It has become trendy, chic and uber cool.

Other than our wealth of delicious SAB (South African Breweries) beers in SA, there are all sorts of craft beers that have popped up in recent days like Darling brew, Jack Black and Camelthorn.

And with all the hoo-ha about food and wine pairing, it seems we have forgotten about the art of drinking… and eating, with beer.
According to Kate Jones, SAB Trade Brewer, “There are a few useful ground rules when pairing food with beer and for those bound to the wine pairing school of thought it is useful to think of ale as red wine and lager as white wine.

To begin with, seek compatibility:  beer and food combinations often work best when they have some flavour or aroma elements in common. The herby bitterness of hops in beer goes well with food that is slightly spiced, liked cooked meat or fish.

Try to match beer strength with food strength. Put simply, delicate dishes work best with delicate beers, and it is equally true that strongly flavoured foods demand assertive beers.”

Here are some recipes I have found that use beer in the recipe and will go beautifully with an ice cold one.

Beer can chicken – the best way to braai that bird.

Beer battered onion rings – a seriously delicious snack served with a blue cheese dip.

Baby braai potatoes with Jalapeno – Chef Khumalo shares a lovely braai side with us.

Prawns in beer and peri-peri sauce – a fantastic recipe for a warm summers night.

Beer battered fish and chips – a simple meal packed with flavour.

Beef and beer stew – a hearty meal with that secret ingredient.

Irish stew – a fabulous recipe to enjoy with a Guinness.


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