Salad in a jar: Novel way of transporting your work lunches

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 Looking for a nifty and novel way to pack and stack your work lunches? Then Salad in a Jar could set the bar! It’s a very simple concept that requires the perfect packing skills, working from the bottom upwards.
And all you need is a glass jar and your chosen ingredients! It’s really as simple as it sounds, so don’t give this ‘layered lunch’ more thought than it requires. To begin, add your salad dressing (olive oil and lemon juice mixed together will do just fine!) to the base of the jar. Then, as you would construct a traditional salad, add your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, olives and, finally, the lettuce.
The trick is to build your salad backwards so that when you empty the contents onto a plate, your toppings infuse with the dressing.

The advantage of pre-packing your salad this way is that you can make them in advance without the risk of limp lettuce or soggy (sad!) garnish. It beats having to pack your dressing in a separate container and this method keeps your ingredients crisp and fresh until you’re ready to turn your lunch upside down. When you’re ready to serve, just shake to make!

You’ll love this clever, simple and savvy way to store salad; it’s only a matter of time before you will have all the girls in the office jam jarring in the canteen!

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