Feeling like livening up your breakfast? What about these top 10 possibilities…..

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Bacon and egg bunny chow starts off our top 10 brekkies.


Crisp, salty bacon with creamy scrambled eggs and juicy pork sausages or crumbly, buttery croissants with salmon and cream cheese. Whatever your fancy, a beautiful breakfast is hard to top. Try one, or all of these fantastic recipes for your brekkie this weekend.

Bacon and egg bunny chow – seriously delicious.

Chorizo and onion chilli eggs – so easy and a fantastic ‘morning after’ brekkie.

Avocado and bacon frittata – you can eat this any time of day.

Italian omelette – a delectable whopper of an omelette.

Croissant with smoked salmon and cream cheese – a beautiful breakfast with classic flavours.

Mexican sausages – spice up your morning with this filling dish.

Sweetcorn, chilli and coriander egg tart – great for veggie brunch, add crispy bacon for an extra meaty kick.

Inspired croissant ideas  – our blogger Carey shows off some gorgeous croissant fillings. Start with crispy bacon and fried banana with maple syrup… hmmm.

Ratatouille omelette – rich flavours in this colourful omelette.

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and chorizo – these are wonderful flavours to sass up your breakfast.

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