The Most Surreal Underwater Video Ever Made!

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Your eyes can deceive you! Whatever appears to be may not really be true. This video shows men fishing under ice, below the frozen surface of the lake Saarijarvi in Vaala, Finland. The view is breathtakingly beautiful, almost surreal.
This is happening underwater, yet it confuses your mind. How come men are able to walk on the lake floor? Why do the air bubbles from their masks go down and not up? How does someone fill a wheelbarrow with water when already underwater? Why does the wheelbarrow float up to the surface and not sink down?The video leaves you baffled until you figure out the secret. It had been turned upside down! The fishermen are wearing special suits that provide them the buoyancy to stay close to the ice and walk upside down on the “floor” which is actually the frozen surface of the lake!

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