Leon Schuster’s ‘Hey Bokke’ — dedicated to the 2019 World Cup

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During the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Leon Schuster’s song HIE KOMMIE BOKKE, which sold over 350 thousand units, united the country and contributed significantly to the spirit of the event. And, as we all know, the Bokke went on to win the cup. Leon is back this year with a new song called HEY BOKKE! written by him and Don Clarke and incorporating an adaption of the popular chorus from the song Hey Baby which is sung in the stadiums by supporters throughout the land. Leon has made this song specifically as a YouTube Lyric Video for rugby supporters during The Rugby World Cup 2019. He is very clear that it is not a money-making initiative. Produced by Don Clarke, the song includes two choirs – The Drakondale Girls Choir School and The Michaelhouse School choir. The membership of both these choirs is entirely representative of the demographics of the New South Africa, which was Leon’s vision from the outset. He was determined that this song would unite both Springbok fans and all races throughout The Rainbow Nation. He asks you to please share this song FAR AND WIDE.

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