Dogs and cats meeting babies for the first time….lovely!

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Introducing a new baby to your family pets  is an experience full of mixed emotions. You may be worried that your dog or cat will be overloaded with envy or depressed that your attention is now divided. If you have a big dog, you might be concerned that a little baby is too vulnerable to be around a heavy, somewhat clumsy hound. You may become hyper-aware that your cat likes to pat at toys with clawed paws and there’s a chance that your baby may be seen as a giant ball of wool…

No babies (or cats and dogs) were harmed in the filming of this video!

This compilation video may help to put your mind at ease. It shows lots of new babies meeting the household furbabies. As far as we can see, there is plenty of sniffing, loads of slobbering and licking but no bumping, clawing or biting!

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