Donate or go golfing to support Lower South Coast SPCA in wake of devastating distemper outbreak

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The Lower South Coast SPCA will hold an emergency golf day at San Lameer on Friday to raise funds following the devastating distemper outbreak that cost the lives of 73 dogs last week.

The organisation in a statement said, “Our local SPCA needs your help. We had a distemper outbreak. The SPCA has to treat the grounds with chemicals and vaccinate every single dog that comes in. Some of the costs resulting up to R50000 for the cleanup.

“We are having a golf day to urgently raise funds on Friday the 17th of August. If you have ever held a golf club in your life, please enter. It is at the lovely San Lameer golf course. Contact Dalene Erasmus 072 878 5721 should you wish to enter or contribute in any way.

“We need your help. Without funds the Spca is unable to help all the donated, abused, sick and stray animals.

“If golf is not your thing please help us to create some beautiful platters for the prizegiving at San Lameer. You can contact Sonia Van Niekerk Maharaj who is helping with the platters.

“Below is banking details for any donation no matter how small. Every cent counts.”

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