VIDEO: Tragic crisis lands on Lower South Coast SPCA’s doorstep – donations urgently needed

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Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon our inspectors spotted a transport truck full of mules that were being transported in absolutely horrendous conditions. One of the animals had already been trampled to death inside the truck.

They immediately impounded the animals and brought the truck to the SPCA here in Uvongo. The animals were offloaded carefully and checked by our Vet for injuries and given food and water.

Unfortunately one of the mules was so badly injured it had to be euthanized to end its suffering. In total the SPCA is now caring for 38 mules and 22 sheep and we desperately need assistance to feed them.

We need bales of hay, horse and sheep feed, supplement blocks and any other related fodder. Please we are asking for our community to come together and help these animals that have been treated so badly.

To support the Lower South Coast SPCA, phone them on 039 317 3362/039 312 0962 or 083 222 6355.

Donations can be made to:

Lower South Coast SPCA
Acc no 1184618100
Branch Code 198765
Type Current

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