WATCH: Saved Lower South Coast SPCA pup’s heart-warming story has happy ending

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eHowzit reporter

The heart-warming story of little Nova is a great example of the life-changing work being done by the Lower South Coast SPCA.

The six-month-old female puppy has been treated by the Lower South Coast SPCA over the past few weeks after she’d been badly neglected.

Thanks to the wonderful work by the local SPCA, Nova is in unbelievably good condition, and her story now has a happy ending, as she’s been adopted by a loving family.

“There are days when it feels like the mountains are too steep and we just cannot raise enough funds to make a difference, but Nova’s story makes you realise why it’s worth trying our best to make Lower South Coast SPCA the best SPCA,” said Marketing Liaison Officer, Dalene Erasmus.

“The Lower South Coast SPCA cannot rewrite a doggy’s past, but it can change their future. We need the support of the public though; your donations make the difference.”

A moved Erasmus said, “Nova was rescued by the NSPCA and brought to Lower South Coast SPCA in December (correct date?). Stacy May, our Supervisor with a heart of gold, called me to the clinic one morning. Her words were ‘come look Dalene.’ There was little Nova with these big black little eyes. She was very thin and hardly had any hair.

“It felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment when I looked into those eyes. This little hairless and very badly neglected little doggy just danced and jumped out of joy.

“She licked my hands over and over. There was joy in her because her tummy was full of food. There was nobody that will hurt her again and she would never beg for food. It was as if she knew.

“I looked at her and was not sure if she would live. However, she wanted to live and never gave up. She was immediately vaccinated and dewormed. The Lower South Coast SPCA gave her hope, a warm bed and food. Her treatment started immediately.

“She has the most beautiful little soul. She’s friendly, loving and just so happy to be alive…she was saved!

“I thank God that’s He has given Nova a special home where she will be a little princess and that in her days to come, will never have to endure hunger, thirst or pain.”

To support the Lower South Coast SPCA, phone them on 039 317 3362/039 312 0962 or 083 222 6355.

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