Video: ‘Because I got high’ singer punches female fan on stage

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(CNN) – Don’t get on stage with Afroman. He doesn’t want you there.

A video shows the rapper and guitarist playing his guitar Tuesday at a concert in Biloxi, Mississippi, when he whirls around and apparently slugs a woman who was dancing on stage behind him. After she goes down, he continues to play.

“On 17 February 15, the Biloxi Police Department responded to a reported assault at the Kress Live Entertainment Venue involving Mr. Joseph Edgar Foreman who performs under the stage name Afroman,” the Biloxi Police Department arrest report read. “Mr. Foreman was arrested for Assault as a result of a Citizen’s Affidavit, booked in, and released after paying a 330 Dollar Bond.”

“My understanding is (the woman) got up on stage, and he hit her,” Police Chief John Miller told the Biloxi Sun Herald.

On the video, the woman gets up and looks back at Afroman in surprise. An audience member climbs on stage and leads her away.

Wednesday afternoon, Afroman apologized for the incident, telling “TMZ Live” that he’s going to be “enrolling in an anxiety foundation right now.”

“I’m here to apologize,” he said. “I need some help.”

He said that he had been heckled by a man off-stage and was irritated by the women who got on stage, and he added that security should have taken action.

Nevertheless, he shouldn’t have lashed out, he said.

“It was wrong,” he said. “What happened shouldn’t have happened.”

The rapper has had trouble with fans getting on stage before, a rep told Billboard.

“This was a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space,” the rep said in a statement. “It was uncharacteristic behavior that was initiated by outside uncontrolled forces.” The rep blamed poor security at the venue, Kress Live.

Afroman had a big hit in 2000 with “Because I Got High.”

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