South Coast Angels deliver Subz to give schoolgirls an extra school year

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Ninety-two teenage girls from Ezinqoleni Secondary school received SUBZ panties and pads from the South Coast Angels on Friday last week.

The girls were given an educational presentation by Sue Barnes, founder of SUBZ Washable Pads and Panties, about female puberty and the menstruation cycle.

“SUBZ panties and pads are uniquely South African products specially developed for underprivileged girls who cannot afford disposable sanitary ware.”  says Barnes.

“Research shows that many girls, upon commencing their menstrual cycle, will not attend school for a week every month due to poor, if any, access to sanitary ware. This means that up to seven million girls in the lower LSM brackets in South Africa can miss up to three months of school during any academic year.”

Barnes realized that this was something that had to be dealt with  urgently. “There is no means for them to hygienically dispose of menstrual fluid and or sanitary wear . They do not have underwear, least of all money to buy and or use any contemporary sanitary options. They do not attend school or play sport when they menstruate.”

Lasting for five years,  “SUBZ Panties and Pads” is a washable and re-usable pack, containing three pairs of panties, nine washable pads and nine sealable bags priced at R190 per pack.

The South Coast Angels, a group of lower South Coast based business women committed to “Paying it Forward” and as part of their ‘Women’s awareness month’ in August 2013 raised R20 000 for a local SUBZ initiative in order for these packs to be distributed at a South Coast rural school.

By supporting the SUBZ project the South Coast Angels empowered 92 teenage girls by “buying them each an additional year of education”.

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