Local delegation off to Sweden on the journey of a lifetime

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After a gruelling two months of orientations, the four South Coast students and two teachers are finally ready for Sweden. The delegation will travel a 10-hour journey to Pretoria for their Shenghan Visas. They will return on Tuesday for a final spot of packing before their international journey begins on Wednesday.

Gulshera Khan from the Port Shepstone Twinning Association said that the delegation, who will take part in the Global Profile Programme will travel 24 to 30 hours via two flights followed by a four-hour train journey before they arrive to their destination: Kalmar, Sweden.

The project has been running since 2008 and is based on human rights issues. “Diversity and tolerance has been the key focus of our Associations objectives,” Khan added. “In all it is worth every moment.”

Since 2008, the Port Shepstone Twinning Association (PSTA) has been sending students from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of their Global Profiling Programme.

PSTA is a civil society organization focused on giving back hope and dignity to ordinary folks. This is based on a deep relationship between Sweden and South Africa during the anti-apartheid era.

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